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Welcome to The International Quranic Center Official website . 
The IQC is committed to spreading a vision of Islam that is true to the letter and spirit of the Quran and that focuses on the consistency between the word of God, democracy and human rights. Our goals are to: 

1) To advocate peaceful reform in the Muslim world based on democracy and human rights and to offer practical strategies for such change;
To mobilize on the web and convene in person open-minded scholars of the Quran to share research demonstrating the consistency of Islam with democracy;
3) To communicate the value of ecumenical democracy to Muslims of all denominations; 
4) To initiate a real inter-religious dialogue among Muslims, Christians, Jews, and members of all religions who believe in creating societies based upon tolerance and justice. 
5) To educate Muslims in America to understand and interpret Islam as consistent with American democracy. 

About International Quranic Center
The International Quranic Center continues the struggle of its founder Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour to further a vision of moderate Islam.  As an asylee from Egypt now living in the US, Dr. Mansour is an internationally respected and distinguished scholar of the Quran with expertise in Islamic history, culture, theology and politics.  Dr. Mansour’s interpretation of Islam offers a fact-based understanding of the letter and spirit of the Quran and its systematic application in a manner that enhances the values of democracy and religious tolerance.

To achieve its goals, the IQC sponsors research, convenes conferences, and disseminates the ideas of its founder, Sheikh Ahmed Subhy Mansour and like-minded advocates in the US and abroad.  IQC will communicate these ideas through both scholarly and educational publications, Arabic and English-language websites, movies and TV productions.  The Center will be in constant communication with the international media and decision makers to educate them about true Islam.  IQC speaks out about misrepresentations of basic Islamic ideas by those who create hatred and misinterpret the fundamental tenets of Islam.

The IQC Board includes Muslims, Christians, and Jews. The Center welcomes enlightened members of all religions to the project of reinterpreting Islam as a religion sharing values with all of the world’s great religions and as a belief system committed to the liberal values of a democratic world.

IQC As The Center For The Quranists
The International Quranic Center aims to unite all the Quranists and provide them a forum to interact with others in Islam and with followers of the other religions of the world.  The term “Quranists” provides a conceptual umbrella for Muslims who subscribe to the following beliefs: 

1.  The Quran is the sole source of Islam and its’ laws. 
2.  The Quran is comprehensive, completely sufficient in itself.
3.  The Quran was revealed to Mohamed to clarify all controversial and mysterious religious issues.
4.  The Quran -not the Hadith- was the prophet Mohamed’s only tradition and he was ordered to abide by it alone.
5.  Islam is the religion of peace, mercy, justice, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.

These fundamental principles distinguish the Quranists from those Muslims who follow the principles of the Wahabism and other Islamist Extremism who believe that Islam requires violent struggle "Jihad". 

As scholars, researchers, and advocates, the Quranists aim to assist the peaceful reform of Muslim countries and societies by going back to the authentic source of Islam; the Quran.  The Quranists believe that reform will flow from the objective understanding of the Quran, according to its original terminology.  By such careful reading, one can judge the past and present actions of Muslims in relation to the word of God alone.  The Quranists aren't a political party or a religious sect, but rather a group of educated open-minded individuals who share the simple but profound and powerful beliefs outlined above. 

Supporting The IQC 
The IQC is a charitable 501c3 organization in the United States, which makes all donations tax deductible for all those paying income taxes in the United States.  If prospective donors have any questions about the salient tax regulations, they should contact their tax advisers.